Why should you get professional headshots?

Because a headshot helps you manage your digital identity. More so than a business card, it puts a face with a name. Anyone entrepreneurial needs a professional headshot, even if it’s just for LinkedIn. Profiles with a bad selfie, a shot of you at a party, or worse, an ex’s cropped appendage casually strung across a shoulder, look unprofessional. A professional headshot separates you from the amateurs. It could mean the difference between getting the call or hearing crickets.

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How often should you get professional headshots?

Once a year, at least. If you grow a beard, change your hair color, lose or gain a noticeable amount of weight, then update your images right away. Get different shots so you can use them in different places. If you don’t change your look, then you might get away with a couple of years.

What’s the best background for my headshots?

White? Black? Grey? Yes! An outdoor setting? Maybe not unless the great outdoors is part of your brand. Don’t let the background draw away the viewer’s attention. A simple background will emphasize the subject (You!) and blend easily into webpages, print brochures and cards.

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What should I wear for my headshot session?

Similarly to the background, simple works best. That doesn’t mean not to use color, just use it emphasize your brand not take away from it. Whatever your customer/client/prospect is likely to see you is appropriate. Two import things: 1) The eye is drawn to the brightest part of the image, and 2) whatever is closer to the camera appears bigger, so I generally suggest covering the shoulders unless it’s a fitness/yoga/health & wellness persona you’re trying to portray. Also, big, dangly jewelry is a no-no. Don’t wear anything that might draw the viewer’s attention away. I have a style guide you can download here to get some ideas.

How much do Professional Headshots cost?

Headshots do not have a “standard” cost and aren’t based on the photo equipment or location (unless there are travel costs involved) but on the photographer’s skill with a camera and knowledge of lighting. Both have a profound effect on the suitability of the final image. If you’re looking for a $99 (or less) you’re likely to get a hobbyist or an unskilled photographer that might capture a good image now and again and toss it into a portrait software program. If you want the very best facial expression, flattering lighting, and professional retouching expect to pay from $300-1,000.00, or more. But the investment is worth it!

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